Criterias for selection of safety gloves

Factors to consider for Deck Operations gloves

1. During cargo discharge / loading operations, crew comes in contact with a mixture of oil & water. With a nitrile palm coating, there is robust protection against oil, water, heat & lastly abrasion.

2. In additional, TPR impact protection gloves offers a complete protection for back of palm. Covering the knuckles, fingers and thumb.

3. Using a quick release safety cuff system, one can quickly put on or take off the glove in times of emergency

4. Having touchscreen features in order to accommodate for machinery which comes with touchscreen control panels. This greatly reduces the needs for the user to remove the gloves as well as minimizing the incidents rates.

Factors to consider for Engine room gloves

1. A seamless glove which feels next to the skin would allow the user to effectively operate small hand tools, retrieve spares, accessories etc. Reducing the need to remove gloves.

2. The TPR impact offers a complete protection throughout knuckles, fingers, thumb.

3. With the new touchscreen features in 2022 range for gloves, the user is able to access touchscreen control panels without the need to remove the gloves, much reducing the incident rates.

Risk of Finger & Hand Injuries

According to Gard P&I Club’s research,‘ Over a ten year period between 2009 to 2018, a 25% of all crew’s injuries were finger and hand related. The data presented that ratings are nearly twice as likely to suffer from such injuries in comparison to the officer.’